Side Note

Off subject and unrelated to the post below.... I need to get my hair done.
How do you think I should do it?
Just letting you know, I'm not going to go dark.


meg. said...

dark & sassy.

Canesa said...

I definetely think you should go dark! Sister Cahill went dark and is so stunning! I think you would be too! Besides, you can always change it back!

Lindsey said...

Dark is the most drastic and awesome thing you can do.
I did it.
I loved it.
I mean, I will always love being blond more, but It was fun to have change for a little bit. You get so many comments every time you go anywhere. It's fun, do it!!

cai.hay said...

Another side note to match this post.
Recent photography? Alexis and I were best friends in elementry. I enjoy her. Once she told me to date your little brother I believe, Andrew?

Batash said...

HA! That's so great! Yeah Andrew is my brother. Oh, I love what a small world we live in.