Junior Year... (the continuation)

I was now set, with a lovely group of friends. Sophmore year was coming to a close, and I had, what I will say, was the best group of friends out there. We did everything together, all the time. For the first time in a long time I was truly happy. Ery'day we ate lunch out on the playground behind our school. We would play guitar hero, DDR, and rock band. We would drink milk, chocolate milk, mango milk, banana milk. It was the best. I thought it would last forever, but strange things started to happen within our friend group that were entirely unexpected. A dear friend of mine started to like me. I wasn't sure what to do, because at the time I didn't like him at all in that way. My friends got a laugh out of it. They would write my name on mirrors with his last name at the end. It frusterated me, but I dealt. Summer started to role around and the days were long. Filled with trampoline fun, discovery park, and outside basketball. One rainy day a friend and I decided to go for a walk to said boys house. We were completely soaked, and it was all too wonderful. A rainbow appeared right after the rain let up, and it lead us straight to his house. (As I'm sure you can imagine, we gave him lots of grief over this)
(Yes this story does have pictures to go with. Enjoy)
Once we had arrived at this boys house, I got to know his family. I came to realize they are amazing. To this day the most wonderful family I know. My friend had to leave, but I stayed there. Playing card games, and having a blast. We started messing around on the computer when the boy tried to grab the mouse away from me. His hand touched mine, and something changed. It was like a switch lit up, and that was when I knew.  I quickly pulled away, and laughed shyly. After that we spent mounds of time together. I slowly started telling my friends my secret feelings for him, and one day I finally had the nerve to tell him. Everything was working out lovely. We decided not to become official until my sixteenth birthday. I awaited that day anxiously. Although, when I turned sixteen, I had the sudden urge to go on lots of dates. After all, I was at the ripe age to date. So for the time being I tucked those feelings away, just to experience the dating world.

Unfortunately the dating world wasn't looking too kindly on me. It wanted me to be with that particular boy, and so we went on our first date together. The feelings came back, and long story short, for the first time in my life I was in love. My world started revolving around him. We went to dances together, spent our nights snuggled up on the couch, going on walks, holding hands. The works. I went to his football practices, and all of his games. Everything seemed to be going great, but as just about every high school relationship, it came to an abrupt end.
I am not usually the one to end relationships. I get too attached, and I have the hardest time dealing with change and loss. This relationship I was not yet ready to give up, and that was just the problem. I had made him my world, and once he was gone I felt like I had nothing. Of course that was not true. I still had my amazing friends. In fact, the night of the horrible break up one of my friends spent the entire night with me. Sleeping over at my house, while I stared blankly off into the distance. In the morning all of the girls kidnapped me and took me to breakfast. Even though I was incoherent, and didn't really respond to much, I appreciated this act of frienship more than any of them could ever understand. It helped me know I wasn't alone in this hard time. The break up took a tole on my grades, and my attitude for a long while, but my friends were there to help me get through it.
To those friends I would like to thank Diana, Sam, Kyleigh, and Vanessa for helping me get through it. I couldn't have done it without you.
Junior year has a lot of story to go with it, and must be continued in another blog post. So again I have to say, To be continued.

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