It's my party and I'll cry if i want to

Today is here. The only day of the year I dread the most. My birthday.
Why do you ask? Well I have multiple reasons why I hate my birthday and most of all throwing birthday parties, but the truth is I get really bad luck on my birthday.
You see, today is July 24. The day everyone celebrates pioneers, by having family get togethers and going out of town. So little old Ashlee for the most part will miss having her friends there on her birthday. It's truly quite sad. I would be absolutely devestated if I missed being able to kidnap one of my friends and celebrate their birthday. It's one of the many joys in my life; making my friends happy. If I need a reason to go on, I am now 18. Ripe for the picking as you might say. I do not feel old enough to be considered "an adult." I am in no way an adult no matter what my age signifies. Which means: No I am not getting married any time soon. So Don't plan on it. Returned missionaries stay away for at least two years! I'm really crossing my fingers that this year will not turn out like others previous. So here's to me trying to have a good attitude. "Today will be magical!" Yes I stole that from Disney Channel don't you fret.

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lexi sierra said...

i love you.
i hope it wasn't too bad.
happy birthday, ash.