The day of birth

The dreaded day of birth is over, praise the heavens. Now I can get on with life. I'd rather not go into details of my day, but there were a few things that shouldn't go unnoticed.
-Makensey: She gave me one of the greatest gifts, asphalt pie. A dish I didn't think I would ever be able to have again, but since she works at Wingers and knows all the ingredients, she took out the evil gluten so it would be ok for me to eat. What a sweetheart.
-Mom: She tried I know she did. And I'm thankful for the gifts she showered me with. I hope she knows they didn't go unnoticed, and I was very happy.
- Ky: Thanks for spending the whole day with me. I know I'm boring and have a really bad attitude toward this day.
-Sadie & Diana: Thanks for dropping by and giving me some laughs.
-Grammy: Thanks for the gluten free supplies, cup cakes, the cute bracelet, & dinner.
-Everyone who said happy birthday: You really made my day better, without the happy birthday's I would've been a mess. I appreciated it more than you could possibly comprehend.

And for the man who flipped me off for no reason: Thanks for putting a big downer on my day.


cai.hay said...

Happy birthday Ashlee!

Rae Ann said...

It is always an awesome day...because it was the day YOU were born! Lucky ME and everyone else in the world!
I glad you liked the gifts!