This past weekend has been full of new things for me. New changes, new challenges, new dreams.
First change:
I will no longer be drinking any form of caffeine. If you know me then you will know this is a huge change. I was extremely addicted to caffeine. I had to have it every  morning or I would recieve a rather ugly headache. Though I enjoyed the taste, I hated being a slave to it. I didn't want to live like that anymore. So, I took my last drink last saturday. On sunday I suffered a massive migraine, caused from the caffeine and other such problems. The next day same thing. After that it was gone. No more withdrawels. I was free. I have resolved to be healthier and I think this was a giant leap in the right direction.

Along with not drinking any caffeine, I have decided to eat healthier. It doesn't matter much because I'm hardly hungry anymore. Every time I eat I get nauseas and the pain in my stomach comes back. I guess that brings up another new change. I have an illness, and the doctors can't figure out whats wrong with me. They say it mostly have to do with my deformed ovary. I say there is something else going on. I guess only time will tell. I am just quite fed up with being sick. It's limiting me in everything I do. Most days I can't play Lax because of the pain. I ran two miles the other day, and felt as if I was going to die; literally. I really hope the specialists that I have to go to can fix this problem. I do not want to sit out of another game. Ever.

Another new change for this week would be I got my hair done. I really needed this, and I think it looks pretty good. Pretty healthy, which is a plus.

will have better picture later.

I also think I found a prom dress

Though my moms face looks disgusted she really liked this dress, as did I. I think it's beautiful, and it fit perfectly. If you know me and dresses this a rare happening. It has yet to be bought, so lets cross our fingers.

I will write more later, for I am afraid I have run out of time, this will be continued shortly.


meg. said...

oh, don't worry, sometimes i stalk your blog.

i love your dress.
you're a beaut.
i got my dress from the flair too!
what a small world.

shweedaburger said...

That makes me extremely happy. Because I frequently stalk yours. And thank you! I saw your dress I think its lovely