A little brightener

Been kinda down today from the stomach pains. So I thought I might cheer myself up... these are some of the best days of my life thus far in high school.
This was when Ashley and I went to the Orem pool, and we saw really attractive college men playing volleyball. I got extremely sun burnt, because all we did was layout, but it was a great day filled with fruit and guy watching :)

This was the last day of school, we left early and waited till everyone could meet up with us and went to target. We found really creepy dolls that talked and made noise when you walked by. Also either that day or one before we went to Olive Garden and got their soup, salad, and breadstick special. It was probably one of the best lunches of my life. That night we slept out on the trampoline made our own individual pizzas and watched scary movies, we woke up to sprinkles spraying us in the face. What a great (2) days.

This was one of our more succesful girls nights. We had a dance party and vandalized our friends cars with window markers and toilet paper. Just a great night with the girls.

Wingers, right before the Blue and White game the start of our many football games (which I never once missed)

This was after the game... sweet summer rain.. nuff said.
(also when i messed with photoshop a lot)
One of the greatest days of my life by far. My medical summer camp... I learned so much and felt so at place there. I know that is the field i want to be in, I absolutely love helping people. I love it. Right after my mom picked me up from the hospital we went to pier 49 and got pizza. I told my mom that if anyone asked, I just got out of work. I wanted to seem official ;)

This was just recently which is actually suprising because recently hasn't been the best of times. But on this night we had a tour of just about every haunted place in PG, Sam and I drove all the way up to morgan to have a photoshoot and pick up some friends, play pool, get scared by random people dressed in costumes outside the door, hang with some of my best guy friends till 1 am in a friends house which i can practically call home. It was absolutely great.
Stadium of fire with Kyleigh (also when i messed with photoshop) We saw the Jonas Brothers preform live, who actually did a pretty good job. Right before that we were at the fair in Provo we went on rides and met star wars characters. It was wonderful.

This was the day Tedi and I went out on my trampoline in our swim suits and stuck a sprinkler underneath. Right after this we went to the midnight showing of Transformers 2 (can't say it was my favorite but I had fun) This involved tripping in the bathroom, and people who butter their popcorn way too much. Followed by a lovely sleepover in which i watched the stars outside my living room window until i fell asleep.
Kyleighs birthday this year. What a fun day, Kneaders in the morning a scavenger hunt at night. Filled with water guns, helium, photobooths, scaring annoying boys, doing the can can across an intersection, and blasting the "oh so talented" Ke$ha out car windows.

This FULL day wasn't the best. But it ended quite nice. The fam took a little trip to Cabellas and me and my mom had fun with the camera.

HOSA. After suprisingly placing, the trip was quite fun.

Never has their been a lunch where I have laughed so hard
Sadie Hawkins Dance In my khaki pants oh, oh, oh.
The way I got answered, the dance in general. It was just magnificent.

Kyleighs birthday last year. During the day Browne treated Ky and I to massages. Later that night we had a fire in provo canyon.

Morp last year was one of the funnest dances I have ever been to.
Hiking to timp cave, having a barbeque, painting shirts, the mayan, the dance, the movie after the dance. Just all of it.

We went Boating for Young womens in the summer. It has to have been the funnest young womens i have been to. I recieved a nice battle scar from a rope burn as well.

When me and Zach went ghost hunting. One of the funnest things I've done. Slightly supersitcious and illogical, but hanging out with your best friend doing crazy things is what life is about.

This summer before school started we went tubing down provo river. Afterwards we went and watched football practice and waited for our friends to be done so we could continue hanging out. It was a good day.

Halloween this year. Left us with great memories and inside jokes.
One word, wig.

Preference this year. It was cheap, it was fun, and I was with my good friends.

Jons farewell, it was a sad but happy occasion, and one of the best sundays of my life.

Single ladies night. It was perfect. Although dinner wasn't where we had planned, and the movie made us sad. It was a great night.

We saw one of the funniest movies i've seen in a long time, and afterwards couldn't stop laughing. We took a gazillion pictures, it was great.

My sixteenth birthday. Fireworks family get togethers kidnapping in the morning batman cake tucanos.
The birth of the batmobile also known as steve. Good day.

That summer I played at discovery park all the time. Each time it was wonderful.

Sweater swing, with one of my best friends in the whole world. Staying up late watching enchanted, Ice cream, photoshoots, homecooked meal. Delightful.

the day me and my friends went ice skating

Homecoming 08'. My first dance ever, and I have to say none of them have topped this dance. Making commercials, a barbeque, volleyball, getting hair done, luou dinner, dance, amazing movie theater in someones home. BEST.

Last time I will ever drink an energy drink. This night involved jazz games, sliding off the road, crazy make up, driving through huge puddles and staying up all night long.

One time Ky and I stayed in a hotel for my lil sister and hers dance competition. During our free time we went to the most glorious movie theater I have ever been to, and watched Iron Man for a 3rd time.

Back in Sophmore year we ate at the old playground everyday, it was just like having recess. I miss those days.

Photo shoot during the day, a game of dressing up like were from clue and watching the movie, and being in one of my favorite houses in the world.

The day we got drenched in the rain. It was oh so delighful and I got a nasty cold from it but it was so worth it. There was another time during this last summer my friends and I did the same thing, and we had a frazil party, and ate pop tarts. Though I don't have a picture of that day on the computer it's one of my favorites still.

Rock band night. Last day of Sophmore year. We had a party with Darrian and had a rock band party.

Sadie hawkins junior year. Pumpkin carving, lazer tagging, applebees, dance, nightmare on 13th, home made pizzas, watching prom night, not getting home till 4am, getting grounded (it was worth it.)

So you think you can dance. I'd have to say the best year of it too. DJ bought me a ticket for my birthday and I went with his sister his cousins and his friends. It was brilliant. What a night.
Non prom. Best non dance of my life. Night before... hannah montana movie, and getting a curfew warning while at our lookout spot, next day, would be prom dress shopping, and visiting every walmart in Utah county, buying hannah montana wigs and learning the howdown throwdown.

I am sure there will be many more good days that I could add to this list.

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