that's lala life

The prom dress search is finally over.
After the store sold the one i loved so dearly, that I put on hold, I was quite distraught. Everywhere we looked. Nothing. I was starting to wonder if I would eventually end up attending prom in jeans and a tshirt. After a long and very cold and wet lacrosse game, I came home in a not so good mood. I wrenched my drenched clothes off of me as I went into my bedroom, not observing my surroundings in the least. Finally after I had thrown on some sweats and plugged in my cell phone I looked at my bed and saw a surprise. A beautiful prom dress was laid down on my bed nicely. This could only be the doings of my wonderful mother. My bad day immediately turned grand and I gave her a very welcome hug.
(this picture doesn't do it justice)
I find this Cinderalla like dress absolutely perfect. In love I tell you. It fit as well! All we had to do was get the sleeves sewn on and trim the bottom; considering my short stature, and it's perfect.

On another note. Im graduating in only 6 short weeks. This is so mind boggling to me, I still feel as though I should be a little freshman in junior high. Not graduating. What is this nonsence? I'd be lying if I told you I'm not excited though. I'm absolutely giddy. The dinner dance this past thursday helped me realize how close graduation really is.

Sometimes... being sick, makes it hard to feel good about yourself. When I look through these pictures I see the sickly palore. It crushes my hopes of looking pretty for prom. Last night my dad told me I look like death warmed up. Now thats real reaussuring. I wish people were more understanding. I feel bad when I have to sit down at a dance because the pain is so intense. I don't enjoy being called a party pooper because of it. I don't like being told about all the things my friends do while I'm sick. I know I'm complaining and I shouldn't. Sometimes, It's just hard, but I guess life never promised to be easy. Hopefully the surgery's will solve everything. Untill then keep your fingers crossed for me please.

Sometimes I like not wearing make up.

and the fact my mom likes the same clothes I do.

I guess thats all for now


meg. said...

hey ash,
just wondering, what camera do you have?

you look gorgeous in that dress.

shweedaburger said...

It's a Nikon L100.
It's pretty nice. Doesn't have a lense but it gets the job done. :)
oh and thank you, I think you looked stunning in yours