prom prom prom.

At some point last year, I was writing a similar post. But this year it's serious. Senior year. If I do not get asked to prom it may, just ruin my high school experience. I have given a few young lads I know the lovely task of making sure this happens for me. (I may have just threatened them with something along the lines of, every male in the school will suffer if I don't)
Thanks to one such male, prom might just become a reality for me this year. No, actually more like a dream. In typical teenage fashion lets just say, I have a friend who's best friends with quite possibly the most adorable boy to walk the face of planet earth, and since he is this certain boys best friend, he has given him a little suggestion of who he should consider asking to prom. This person being me:).
Yes, I really can't help but smile. This boy gives me the awkward butterfly sensation I haven't had since elementary school. I even met him in seminary. Doesn't that just add to the cuteness? If he asked me to prom I am quite sure that my whole entire high school year, no whole high school experience, would be made. I can't imagine a better prom quite frankly.
I know I know, I could be getting my hopes up, only to let them fall very hard back to the ground. But a girl can dream can't she? Since prom has come up so much in the conversations of most everyone in the high school, me and my two halves, diana and kyleigh, decided to go on a prom dress exploration.
Diana and I have done this quite a few times actually. And I have decided to show you my two favorites as of now.
I feel that this one just fit like a glove. I loved it, and felt pretty in it. Thats what makes a good prom dress right?

It may look poofy but thats only because my aunt made me put one of those huge spring things on under neath. No worries at the dance this will not happen, but this dress I find absolutely gorgeous.

I'm sure there will be others.

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Anonymous said...

The second one is gorgeous. This may be too late, but I think you should get it.