Dear boy,
Hello, how are you? Such a small sentence can be hard to get out around you; you make me speechless. When I see you I lose all capability to speek. Your smile is one of the things I die to see in a day. I know that if I see it, the world is still a good place. I don't think anyone else in the world has such a smile.
Did you know I've liked you from the moment you started speaking to me? That first "hey" and you had me hooked. It's ridiculous how fast you made me fall. I don't recall that ever happening before except for when i was a small child and everything was innocent. You intimidate me. You make my heart skip about ten beats every time I see you. I can't explain to you how happy it makes me when you are the first to say "hello" with that smile i spoke of earlier. I doubt there is a happier person on earth than me at that moment.
I feel like your out of my league. I think you created a league all of your own.
There are other girls trying to get to you, I know. I see them leaving you messages, they hang out with you more than I, they talk about how funny you are. Oh, but they don't even know the half of it. Do they see the way you light up a room when you walk in? The way when you speak the whole room listens? Do they know about that twinkle in your eye, or the happiness that luminates off of you? Do they know any of that?
You give me one of the worst cases of butterflys i have ever had. It's like a heard of them stormed into my stomach and started banging against the walls. Sometimes I wonder if my heart will beat right out of its chest when i see you.
Oh dear sweet adorable boy, will you ever really know me?
- the girl who absolutely adores you.

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