I've officially decided to have a book of the week. I will read a book and then tell you about it after I have finished it, saying whether or not I enjoyed it.
The book I would like to review is The Book Thief. This book was truly beautiful and brought me to tears. The writing was so eloquent, and the way the author (Markus Zusak) narrated the book was amazing. It has definitely reached my favorite book list. I reccomend reading it. Unless you really have a thing against WW11 and a tear jerker. But i'm all for tear jerkers. Sew me.

This weeks Book of the week, is The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I decided to read this book before I saw it in theater. I heard really good things about it, and I wanted to finish it before the movie ruined it for me. So far, I am really enjoying it. I love Nicholas Sparks' writing, he is one sentimental man. Anyway, I've heard this is also a tear jerker, so we shall see.

I will write more soon

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