As I write this entry I am laughing... still. I don't want to get it into all of your minds that this is the way to do things, but for Kyleigh and I we really lucked out.
There is this great little club we have in our school by the name of HOSA (health occupation students of america) We get a fancy set of scrubs, and comfy hoodies with our names printed on them. This is one of the biggest reasons Ky and I joined the club.
The others could be:
  • It looks good when applying for the nursing program at UVU, which I will be doing.
  • I needed more extra curricular activities
  • I love medical stuff, and anything that has to do with it.
In this club you get the opportunity to compete, if you feel so inclined, at state. There are many different categories in which you can compete. Kyleigh and I chose forensic science. Why you may ask? Because I think forensic science is one of the most fascinating things to learn about! For the longest time I wanted to go into forensics. (I still kind of do)
If you do not know what forensics is let me enlighten you. Have you ever watched CSI? Criminal minds? It's sorta the same thing. You figure out how a person died, at what time, and what the cause of death was. Was it a homicide? Suicide? Natural causes? That's all Forensic Science. Fascinating isn't it?
Well, after I joined this club I involved myself in more things than I could actually take on. Kyleigh was also busy, therfore we had absolutely no time to study for state. We had a sleepover one night with the intention of studying, but we ended up just messing around. ( we have a very short attention span when together) So when it  came time for state we were not prepared in the least. We decided we would just go for the experience and pretend to be mortified when we didn't place. When we got to state we realized we were most likely going to be an embarrasment. We laughed about it, and shrugged it off. Everyone was so prepared for their events except for us. On thursday night we competed. We had to take a test seperately and then they would combine our two scores. After that we had to do a case study, and decide how a person died and so on. When we got back to the hotel room we went to applebees and completely forgot about the competition. We didn't want to go to the award ceremonies the next day because we knew it would be pointless for us.
That friday we also had to take a knowledge test as a requirement. This was seperate. I decided I would just fill in bubbles and get the test over with. I guessed on almost ALL the answers, and I felt extremely stupid. When we got to the awards ceremony, we were suprised to see we took 4th place out of 27 teams in forensic science! We started laughing hysterically. Ky and I had no idea how we pulled that off. I also placed 9th out of tons of people on the knowledge test.
I'm not saying that not studying pays off or anything. But we were really really lucky, and I still find it funny how well we did.
Well tata for now.


Anonymous said...

Where is my mole face picture?!

shweedaburger said...

I don't know an ANONYMOUS!! so Jenni... i can't put your pic up because you chose not to disclose your name :)