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For newspaper I was assigned an article on guys and girls and flirting. What a combo right? When I first started the article I had an emence case of writers block. I stared at the screen for three hours coming up with absolutely nothing. Finally in desperation to finish the article on time, I produced a poorly written, boring, repetetive, fact driven article. I hated what I had written, and I knew my editor, and Bellatrix would as well. I was dreading going to first period.
As I had concluded. They hated it. Not only that but it was brought to my attention that a special young lady who read my article talked badly about it, and myself, in another class period. This is what inspired my previous blog.
In a distraught and angered state, I was determined to make the article great before first layout. I stayed up till 1:30 AM last night (even though i had to get up at 5) and I came up with a novel of an article.
This may be one of my favorite articles I have ever written. I love how emotions inspire you. Though Bellatrix told me to cut out most of the article because it was too long. She loved it. This was my way of 'sticking it to the man'. If Bellatrix likes the article, you're in.
Since I had to condence my article and not all of the wonderful things I wrote in it will be in the paper I decided to share with you my novel article on flirting.
This is a sneak peek... so enjoy :)

Guys and girls have always been on opposite ends of the spectrum. It's never “ours” but his and hers; two very different worlds. Habits values and priorities are all different.
Girls enjoy shopping and getting facials. A guy loves his sports. Girls love to be held; guys love to hold. So when it comes to flirting these two very different species have a very different style. Both male and female can become lost in the confusing game of flirting.
“Girls generally think about flirting a lot more than guys do; they discuss all the nuances and fun you can h ave when flirting. Guys can be more outcome oriented and less concerned with the process of flirting,” said Katial Loisel, simplysolo.com
 While flirting guys may be just going with the flow; when girls are over analyzing everything. “How does my hair look? Am I smiling enough? I hope theres nothing in my teeth!” These may be just a few of the thousands of thoughts running through a girls mind.

“Most girls spend about 15% of the time thinking about specific guys, 20% thinking of guys in general, 25% thinking of how to get guys to notice us and what to say when we do, 30% of the time talking about guys (even if someone else isn't listening), and 10% of the time doing something else,” fanpop.com, 60 things guys should know about girls.

A girl is subtle when flirting. She may bat her eyelashes or run fingers through her hair. She may tease the guy as well. A girl wants to be swept off her feet right away.
 She wants the guy to chase her. For a girl, it must be fairy tale. If she is single, she is most likely searching for her prince charming.

When a guy flirts he is aggressive and bold. Hence, pick up lines. How often are girls the ones to say a pick up line? A guy may use these because he wants to see a result fast.

A guy may subconsciously put his hands on his hips to make himself look bigger. This is his way of showing he is large and in charge.

Guys will maintain intense eye contact if he is interested in a girl. His pupils may even dilate to 4 times their usual size, if he is into the girl.

Guys love to tickle girls. Why? So he can touch her of course! It's his way of showing he is attracted to her.

“Girls should know that if I act interested, I am interested,” said senior Jon Browne.

Extreme differences in flirting styles can wreak havoc on a potentially harmless situation. Sometimes misunderstanding these signals can lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

Knowing how to avoid these situations is key. No need for flushed cheeks and nausea when flirting with a cute guy or girl. Just remember these simple things and become a flirting master.
 Now let's review.
Here's a little help for the men involved.

Though men may be into the whole, pick up line deal, be extremely careful when using them. Saying the wrong thing to start off a conversation can quickly fizzle any chance of flirting, or even talking for that matter. Do not start a conversation off with “Did you just fart? Because you blew me away,” or you will blow her away. Far far away.

Be careful when tickling girls. She may or may not like it. If she is laughing and saying “Oh, stop it tickles,” that's the safe zone. If she sincerely says stop with not even the slightest humor in her face, its probably a good idea to follow her advice.

“I like it when a guy makes me feel like I am the only one in the room while he is flirting with me,” said senior Kyleigh Holt, “I love it when they push down all their walls and talk to you like an actual human being."

Here's a heads up for the girls. Guys really don't like make up all that much. Yes, a girl may be getting all dolled up for guys attention, but the truth is he doesn't like the “glob” that is caked onto her face. So as a tip, tone it down, and keep it natural. 

 Try not to act spazzy and giggly. It scares the guys, and it's just embarrassing. Sorry girls, no more of the jumping up and down and clapping your hands together in a bubbly, scare-happy ritual dance.

Guys worry about what a girl thinks about his weight, skin, hair, and clothes. A girl may be obsessing over her appearance around a guy, but men are at fault just as much as she is.

 Guys don't always understand that girls like to be chased. Since girls are subtle in flirting, guys may not even notice she's flirting with them.

Give them credit ladies, boys are not as perceptive as you are. Don't worry, it's okay to be subtle, but girls should make sure the guy knows she is flirting with him. This helps to avoid confusion. 

 “Girls shouldn't just sit there, and they shouldn't play games because it is not attractive at all,” said senior Casey Shepherd.

He mentioned girls playing games. If it is unattractive why do girls play games?

 “Girls want guys to continue to think of them as a great mystery, to be something that is unattainable and that if a certain guy is capable of getting close enough to reach for her, then he must be really great and he deserves the serious attention of a date with the girl,” said Nathalie Luisser from Why do girls play hard to get?

So guys, if the girl is playing hard to get, take this as a good sign. She is testing him out to see if he can handle her or not. A guy should show her he can. Aren't men natural at playing games with sports? It's the same thing. Play hard; you may win in the end.

 Flirting is typically a guy and girl telling each other they like each other without actually saying it. The truth is no relationship would ever exist without flirting. So let the flirting games begin!

To see the final and condensed version of this novel, look for it in our school newspaper next week.

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