Back blows

Why is it the norm for people in high school to talk behind one anothers backs? I really don't understand this concept. It's rude, and it always comes back around. In all honesty if someone says something bad behind my back id rather not know. What's the harm in not knowing? Oh well they don't like me, I'm pretty sure I'll live. I can make my own assumptions up. But when someone tells me what was said, well it cuts me deep. I honestly don't see why the person cannot just confront me face to face, and tell me "whats up." I can fix the problem much easier that way. But no, this is not the way we do it in high school. Fixing problems is out of the question. We shall just say vicious things about people so that when it comes back around to them they are pierced with a deep wound, and it never fully heals. At least not for me.
So please, if you have a problem with me my face wants to hear it, not my back.

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