Way to go Kiddo!

I woke grogilly to the sound of my alarm clock. The announcers on the radio were spewing some absurd nonsence, and so as a general reflex, my hand landed with a thud on the snooze button. I curled back up into a ball, with my five blankets nestled on top of me.
Another 30 minutes go by and I finally force myself out of bed. This has become a daily routine for me before school starts. (with the exception of b days where i have no first period and delightedly sleep in)
It is a term i do not like to use because it is incorrect. Senioritis. Itis means infection, I do not have an infection of a senior, So  therefor i would like to change it to the correct term which would be seniorosis. Osis meaning condition of. Now that I have given you a lecture that is completely beside the point lets resume. I am a senior, so naturally i am overly giddy for school to get out in only a few short months. The symptoms of seniorosis are as follows:
  • Staying up until unhealthy hours of the night
  • Not really caring whether or not you are late to class, or just skipping it in general.
  • Sleeping in
  • Procrastinating all homework
  • Coming home later than usual on school nights
The list goes on... and so on this particular morning everything was going as normally as it usually does. I walked into my bathroom and slowly started getting ready for school. As I get ready for school i note a few things about myself. I always do everything in the same order everyday. Make up first, then hair, then clothes. I have yet to break this compulsive routine. While getting ready my mind tends to wander to things that may perhaps go on in my day. I knew there was something important going on this morning, but my tired mind would not let me remember. Was it the test I had in medical anatomy? No. The book I had to finish for popular lit? No. I went through the day but there was a big empty hole. One crucial thing that I was not remembering. As I finished my make up and moved on to my hair it hit me.
The Lacrosse list was being posted today.
For those of you who have absolutely no idea what im talking about let me enlighten you. I have recently taken up Lacrosse. It is my very first year and I love it. I have yet to miss a practice, and I've worked really hard to become better. On thursday and friday of last week we had tryouts to see who made Varsity and who made JV.
This thought immediately gave me a horrible case of butterflies in my stomach. I started to feel nervous and sick and it was all i could think about for the rest of the morning.
If you know me, you will know that i have never had the best experiences trying out for anything. I either don't make the team i want or don't make it at all. It's very distressing to feel like you are never good enough. With this new found sport and the new found love i have for it I knew it would be a terrible loss if i did not make the team i wanted. Getting ready seemed to take even longer than usual after that sudden onset of thought. I could hardly concentrate on what i was doing.
The drive to school was even more unerving. I swallowed my fear and hid it from my face so no one could know of my distress. The entire walk up from the rec center parking lot i was shaking, and not because it was cold. I  walked quickly and with a purpose to my coaches room where the list was supposed to be. When i got there the wall was completely bare. What? where is the list? There was no way I could wait any longer, I turned slowly around walking down the hallway when i saw a fellow team mate. Where's the list? she said as eager as I was. I shrugged and at that moment coach walked out and taped it to the wall. We ran up to the list in excitment to see our placement. Expecting the worst my eyes wondered over to the side where it listed everyone on JV. My name wasn't there. My heart beat excellerated and I could feel it pounding unbearably fast in my chest. My eyes shot over to the varsity list. There, the second one down, was my name. Though it was spelled incorectly, i knew it was me. A sudden surge of joy, a joy one only experiences after something so wonderful happens, shot throughout my entire body. I could not contain the smile slowly spreading across my face. Soon I'm sure my smile took up the majority of my facial features and i went running down the hallway, hoping, just hoping I would run into someone i knew. At the moment i saw zach, and screamed at him across the hallway "I made varsity! " At this point i wasjumping up and down. I really couldn't stand it anymore. Nothing in this day could bring me down. The smile that accumulated on my friends face and the warm high five i recieved only added to the joy i was feeling. You know you have true friends when they feel joy at you succeeding. I proceeded to send a message to all my friends that i knew would be excited for me. That was approximately 3 people. My parents, ky and diana, and if you like you can count zach. I wanted to share my excitement with everyone! So as i burst through the doors to first period there was nothing but a smile on my face.
I hope this can be a lesson to you all that with hard work and dedication and persistance you really can accomplish anything.
Still smiling,

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