Sometimes, bad days just happen

What a terrible no good dirty rotten bad day.
Let's start off with this morning shall we?

1. We kidnap Sam for her b-day early this morning, and the weather outside is frightful. it is mere -2 degrees outside, and frost is caked entirely on my window to the point that it reached the inside of my car. How can this even be? I had to frantically scrape off what i could of the frost from the devil. It hardly helped.
2. After scraping that horrid frost I could not feel my fingers. They were completely numb. Terrified of frost bite I had to drive my car with my knees while attempting to warm them up. This is a difficult task for someone who is only 5'1.
3. After we were done kidnapping Sam my car door handles on the right side of my car stopped working. This reason I cannot tell cause i honestly have no idea. The batmobile is falling apart. Not to mention my friend in frustration ripped the handle completely off the door. nice. Now the driver side door is the only one that is useable. yipee skipee.
4. My article for newspaper was rotten ( but at least Bellatrix was nice to me.)
5. I was up most the night with a cough which has decided to be my new best friend. I feel horrid.
6. I was sworn at. Never on my list of fun.

Well thats my day so far. Yes i know not the best, but sometimes these days just happen.

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