My body is deteriorating.

Well, with the cold and unaturally mean weather, also comes painful health hazards. Honestly though, when does my body not have health problems? I have now accumulated a list.
1. My nail is starting to decompose at the root. It's really quite fascinating and strange. I could stare at my nail all day and be entertained.
2. My hands have now become subject to exema. Lovely dry skin. I'm sure so many people are going to want to hold my hand. Lizard skin... excellent.
3. Sinus headache from Lucifer himself. It's my first, and I really hope my last. The pressure is more annoying than it is painful.
4. My eye has a twitch. Yes, like all those people with terrible mental health problems. I may need a whole lot of serious therapy for who knows what. But it is extremely annoying. It almost looks like those bugs off of the mummy got inside my eye and are just chillin. Please go away!
I'm sure i'll get more. ha. But Merry Christmas anyway everyone!

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