The Nail Process

If you have a weak stomach i recommend not looking at these photos:)
In my exploits of going into the medical field any type of injury fascinates me.
Including my own...
This is my nail. Whats wrong with it? I smashed it in a car door three months ago.
These are the pictures of it from beginning to most recent.

This was right after it happened. its  a bad picture taken from my phone but its the only i have

This was a little while after. The doctor used a tool called a bovie to puncture my nail so that it would relieve some pressure cause the pain was pretty extreme.

This is when the bottom of my nail started to crumble away. pretty cool eh?

This is right before we removed the nail. the pics aren't that great because i couldn't figure out my moms camera haha.

This picture i am proud of haha. This is the nail after it was removed.

This is my nail as of today. It got cut some how.. not really sure but hey you can see it!

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Kristen Francis said...

sick. hahah. that must have HURT.