Let's take it slow

I've come to a realization.
Even though I have a crazed obsession with rock n' roll music, when winter time blows through the air and everything starts to settle down, I also start to settle down, and listen to softer music.
I absolutely love big band music. Call me crazy, but all they sing about is love, and a life where everything was just a little bit easier. Their music inspires me. Take for example Frank Sinatra. That man has a voice like honey. So delightful to listen to, and all his music is sweet. Why can't people now-a-days sing like that? Major Kudos, though, to Michael Buble for keeping wonderful music alive.
He also, has the voice of a greek god. Simply lovely.
I also like listening to "chill" music as I like to call it. Most call it indie. I say whatever floats your boat.
I really like how calm this particular type of music is, although, sometimes it can be quite annoying. It really depends on who you are listening to, and whether or not they can pull it off.
So if you happen to look at my playlist which automatically starts when you open this blog, listen to some of the tunes. They are quite wonderful if I do say so myself.
If you're in the mood to be sugar coated, take a look:)

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