Auditioning? Nerve Racking

Walking on my chunky black heels toward the stage I could feel the nerves start to settle in. I still couldn't believe I was doing this. I had practiced all day, and with time, changed drastically from when I sang out that first chord. With my friend Diana walking by my side I kept my head held high, even though I felt truly rediculous in a dress. I could feel their eyes on me as I took my long walk to the stage. All was silent except for the thumping of Diana and my feet. I quickly marched up the steps on to the stage and settled at the white "x" on the ground that reminded me of finding barried treasure. This is it I thought to myself and took a deep breath. "My name is Ashlee, and I will be singing Think of me. My accompanist..." Oh no. I said that wrong, oh well just keep going, laugh it off. "...will be Diana Hiatt."
I smiled politely and kept my eyes on their faces as best I could with the giant spotlight shining brightly into my eyes.
"This is what they must say the limelight is." I thought to myself, and then Diana started to play. She played beautifully. For only learning this song in a day she played it like a pro. I wished I could play piano like that. I heard the cue for me to start and began. I projected as loudly as I could, and held my hands to my chest. I had to make them believe it. I used my hands and kept the emotion on my face. "Keep going," was all I could think to myself. When the song was finally over and the wave of nerves subsided I whispered "Thanks" in a shy voice and smiled again, walking off the stage.
I was so thankful I had Diana there to play for me, and my friend Jes for moral support. Without them I could not have accomplished what I had in this one night.
Though there was always the possibility of not making anything in this play it was worth getting out of my comfort zone and trying. In all honesty I needed this play. It was something I really wanted. All I could do now though, is wait, in the hopes of tommorow seeing my name printed on a list of people who were lucky enough to be in Les Miserables.

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