My lack of patience is starting to grow even worse. This problem needs to be taken care of immediately. At the moment all I can think about are the things that bother me.
Bother isn't the correct word. I need more words for bother please?
Ah yes, irk, miff, irritate, peeve, provoke, trouble, vex, gall, umm... discommode?
Lets make a list shall we? Trust me I've got all day.
1. Swine Flu- You're not my friend, stop trying to be.
2. The enter key on this key board. It's quite the pest.
3. The fact that all my absences are medically excused yet it still says that I have so many absences in one class.
4. When people lie to me. Don't do it. I will not be happy.
5. Getting the cold shoulder. Ooh. My favorite! Did you forget your age? Yes? Ah, well maybe you should start acting it.
6. Drama. Really?
7. Absolutely nothing to do.
8. When people try so hard to be unique, that they end up being exactly like all the people who are trying to be unique.
9. Back stabbing. Oh come now, stab me from the front if you must!
10. My stomach. Right now you and I are not getting along. Lets please stop fighting? Let me eat something.
11. Edward. Yes, I said it. Twilight has taken hold of my life in this torturous sick zone. It's all I have to do, and right now, Edward, well... I don't like you.
12. Teachers and their innability to understand that sickness is not something we can control and you should be more lenient on those who are sick. Thankyou.
Oh, I definitely have more, but I'll think of them later. At the moment, they are the biggest.

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