Homecoming 2009, and Senior Year

Well, I haven't yet written about my homecoming adventures. This year our high schools theme was dancing in the moonlight. This song immediately reminds me of A Walk To Remember. I wonder where they could've gotten it. Oddly it was decorated in a chinese sense. I can't bring myself to understand why, but it worked out fairly well. The dance to say the least was quite fun. I went with my good friend Zachary. To start off our day date we went to chuck-e-cheese. I'll admit I was mildly suprised by this, but I ended up having more fun than I would've thought. We recieved the most tickets of the day without question. As I was feeding the tickets through the machine two little boys admired and gawked at all my tickets saying oh my gosh! That's so many tickets ! How'd you get that many! It truly entertained me. After we went home and got ready. I was able to wear my mothers dress that she wore to her sweetheart dance in high school, which my grandma made herself. Ah, what a talent. I have an unconditional love for that dress. My aunt Leslie altered the dress so it fit my short and oddly shaped body. The boys arrived and escorted us to Iggies, which is one of my favorite resturants. Sure, it may not be a "dance dressed themed resturant", but I loved it. After our lovely meal we headed to the dance, which was a thrill. They held it in the new commons area this year, which was a welcomed change from the horrid C gym. Once we left the dance we went to Jordan's house and watched a portion of without a paddle and came home.

A lot has been going on my senior year. Mostly my friends, and I, attend friday night football games for our weekend activities. We bleed blue. Also, recently we kidnapped DJ for his birthday...

We made him a shirt that says "Kiss me I'm 18" and smothered our lips in lipgloss and covered the shirt in random kisses. It was quite entertaining. Once we had dragged him out of bed and to the comfort of my homemade resturant we made breakfast. We had fruit, pancakes, and muffins.

On another note Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up this friday and I asked my friend Tony Erickson. Diana and I went to the highschool during football practice and wrote on his car. It took us hours to come up with this less than genius plan, but it was the best we could do. Using a box of Frosted Flakes (If it's not obvious it's because his name is Tony) as our muse. We wrote it in not so great handwriting " It would be GRRRRRREAAAAT if you would go to sadies with me!" and we wrote tony the tiger on the back. I mysteriously wrote my name on the inside of the cerial box. After this escapade we staked out in the parking lot to watch his reaction.
Recently I was answered back in the most hysterical way ever, and I mean this in all literality. Tony texted me one night around nine and asked if I was at home. I said yes and knew that it most likely had something to do with sadies. So I waited about an hour thinking that if he was going to answer me back he had already done it and an hour would give him enough time. At about ten o'clock I asked my sister to go look outside and see if anything was there. As soon as she opened the door we heard a car coming up the road blasting 'you belong with me' by taylor swift. I knew immediately it was Tony. I ran to my kitchen trying to be sneaky. But my little sister ran quickly to my side and with hardly a breath in her said "Ashlee they want you to come out!"  I heard my name being called in girlish screams. This had me really worried. I went quickly to the door and all to my surprise there was nate and kyle standing outside holding up a sign, dressed completely like girls. I just about died laughing. They cried "HERES TONY!" and Tony ran through the sign also dressed completely as a girl. As you can imagine my eyes bulged and the laughter rumbled throughout my body. He yelled Yes i ll go to homecoming with you! Tears filled my eyes from the bursts of laughter that I could not control. All of them started dancing and doing cartwheels. It was great, So great that I had to take a picture to capture one of the funniest moments of my life.
This Picture must be viewed with caution.
That sums up recent activity! I will write again soon!
Love Ashlee

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