Been A While!

Wow! It's been a while since I last wrote. In all fairness I did warn ya'll i'd be bad at this. Anyway, I decided on a new topic that I would like to talk about. SCHOOL DANCES. That's right.

Prom is coming up soon, and I have no date. Most of my friends do, so now I know that I will be sitting home alone on the night of prom (if I don't get asked) with a bucket of ice cream watching a chick flick. Now this is not my first choice of how to spend a weekend especially if I could have gone if a guy had just gotten out of his comfort zone and asked me! I really am not scary! Okay maybe a little... but not THAT scary! ;)

I am not the only one that hasn't been asked to a dance. I know so many gorgeous girls who still haven't been asked yet and my question is... why? Most of the girls that have been asked have a boyfriend. Shall i remind you all you don't need to be IN LOVE with the person to ask them on a date! Geeze! You go with a friend and you have the same amount of fun! I promise ... been there done that!

We are only in high school once ( unless of course you choose to stay back a few years because you feel you are entirely stupid, then by all means... ) and we aren't going to get these dances back. If you don't ask someone you are gonna regret it later on, because you aren't going to have fun . memories to look back on

Now this applies to girls too! A few of my friends have had issues asking guys to dances. Whether it be a confidence issue, or you think they are stupid even though you have never been, or IF ITS BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND You still should ask people! I have had a total blast at every dance i have been to. But i have only gone to one guys choice. COME ON GUYS! I want to experience high school just as much as the next person! :)

So in short i ask, guys and girls around, please ask people to dances. I don't want to hear about anyone sitting home and crying because you were too dang scared to ask anyone! GET OVER IT!

I am sayin this with all good intentions!:)

Sincerely yours,
girl without a prom date

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