Hello All! So I decided I should tell ya'll about my awesome time at MORP! :D So I went with this great guy named Nate Cryer and we had tons of fun! First off we went and got all the guys from their houses and went over to my friend Sam's to paint our clothes(which turned out awesome by the way;D) then we had a barbeque in her backyard and roasted hot dogs and stuff. After that we drove up American Fork canyon and hiked up to timp cave. it was sooo cool! i hadn't ever been there before so it was a totally new experience! Once we were done with the caves we went back down to sams house and just played games and stuff. then we headed out to the Mayan! ooh that was way cool! i love the atmosphere there! The only down side was the waiter took a twenty dollar tip from us cause mason handed it to him! ughh. I was very angry haha. Then after we were done eating we drove to the dance! It was soo much fun! We stayed there for about an hour or so then we left and watched Taken. AH i love that movie! If you haven't seeen it I recommend doing so ! Well that was our day! It was a blast! And now school is officially out! wooohooo! I'm so excited! I am going to be sleeping out on my tramp and eatin popsicles (mostly otter pops.) spendin time out in the sun, and sippin lemonade watchin the sun go down! ooh cannot wait to get started! Hope all is well with everyone!

Love Ash

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