"Life is like photography. We develop from the negatives."

I read this quote and it really struck me. Not only is it a great comparison, but it's very true. Every trial you go through you learn from, whether you know it or not. Trials really are a blessing if you think about it. Even if it doesn't seem so at the time. Sometimes this is something that is very hard for me to understand. I have definitely had my share of ups and downs, but so has everyone! I know that most of the time I don't realize how blessed I am to have the things in life that I do. But I am thankful for everything that God has given me. He gave me a loving family, amazing friends, a nice home, and he allowed me to be born into a family who has the gospel in the home. That is one of the greatest things I have. Without the gospel I really would have no idea where I'm going. I know I wouldn't be able to handle the trials that I go through without it. It is my crutch to lean on when I am feeling down. I really do believe that everything in life happens for a reason. We are given trials so that we may learn from them and prepare us for bigger things heading our way later in life. I know trials aren't fun, but you always have your Father In Heaven and Jesus Christ to lean on. Jesus Christ suffered our pain and afflictions... he knows what we are going through. There was a quote i read in seminary one day that really hit me, it said "There is NOTHING that Christ's atonement cannot heal or touch." When you are feeling down and depressed there is no one better to go to than our savior. He knows EXACTLY what you are going through, and he will take upon your pain. You just need to have some faith. With faith you really can accomplish great things, and get through any manner of trial you are going through.
Some trials that may seem small to others may be big to someone else. So don't judge anyone with what they're going through thinking that they are weak. There are some things that may be easier for them and harder for you. We are all different in our own ways. We all have our weaknesses, we all have our strengths. There is one thing we all have in common though. And that is the love of our Savior. He loves each and everyone one of us and wants us to be happy. Christ HEALS. All you need to do is let him.
I was going through a really tough time a while back... and I thought that I could stay strong on my own... without Christ's help. And you know what? It almost ruined me. I was worse off than I ever had been before. Just because I was stubborn. I have always considered myself a strong person... but going through that it made me realize that I am weak. I need strength from the Savior to go on.
I pray for strength every night to handle what may head my way. And I can feel his love and compassion towards me when I am feeling upset, and I can feel his strength. I know he loves all of us, and he wants us all to succeed. So don't ever feel like you are alone. He is there with you every step of the way.

"I am the light which shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not."

Let Christ be the light in your life, and guide you where you need to go. He is ALWAYS there and he will ALWAYS care.

Life is a story. It's true not all stories have happy endings, but I believe you can write the story of you're life however you want it. It's your life. Live it to the fullest. Laugh your hardest. Love with all your might. And have faith in God. I know you will have a great life if you do this.

Love Ashlee.

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