I still believe in love

It's hard to go through difficult life situations and not be a little bitter, or a lot bitter. I know that I was, and in a way I still am. How could I ever get married again? The fear that getting into a situation the same as the last, is very real. It's actually one of my greatest fears. Which may be a reason why I have become incredibly picky with the people who I choose to date. The slightest red flag comes up and I start to back away. However I've decided that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's ok to be picky with the people you let in to your life. You can never know how those people are going to affect your reality.
Yet I know a lot of women who get divorced, and choose to never date again. For a little bit I almost had that feeling of never wanting to date again, but I decided that's not what I want. For as long as I can remember I've believed in love. I'm a hopeless romantic, and had always had this vision that love conquers all. Love can soften even the hardest of hearts. Everyone deserves to have someone that treats them like royalty, and I don't just mean women, but men as well. Everyone deserves that relationship where each person holds such great respect and love for the other. We are all sons and daughters of a King, and we should treat everyone as such, but especially the one we love.
Growing up I always dreamed of that perfect love story. As I've gotten older my concept of love has changed. I know it can't always be perfect. I know that arguments are pretty much inevitable, and that person may get on your nerves everyone once in a while, but I still believe in that fairy tale love. I still believe in the person who will be able to take my breath away, and the person I will know without a doubt I can spend forever with. Love is real, love is there, and I still believe that true love can conquer all.
So if you are in my situation, or even if you are not, don't give up. Just because it didn't work out for you before, doesn't mean you can't find that one person who will make the pain and trials worth it. The person who you were meant to be with. The person who will enhance your strengths, and you theirs. I know that person is out there for each of us, and eventually I know we can find them.

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