Robin Hood

Well... I made it! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. Seriously, there were so many people who were much more experienced and talented than I, so I'm thankful for the trust that they put into me.
I was super nervous before going into auditions, I'm not sure why, but I knew that there wasn't a lot of roles and it would be tough competition. It intimidated me. My husband encouraged me though, and I felt a little better.
As I was waiting to read for call backs, I forced myself to not stress about it, and just do the very best that I could. I tried thinking about how the character would act in the situation that was given. (It was dramatic). It was the first time I have ever really read for a dramatic scene. I guess you could say I like drama, because I find it to be real, and relatable.
Anyway, rather than laughing at the scenes other people were doing (as much as I wanted to) I ignored them, and tried to get into the character as much as I could. I wanted to impress everyone, I wanted to show them what I could really do. When it was finally time to get up and read, I shocked even myself.
I was as loud as I could be (something I struggle with in theatre) I felt as if I really cared about the situation I was reading about, and I think that you could hear it in my voice, and in my face.
Apparently I wasn't the only one who was shocked with what I did, because my husband, a friend, and the director all mentioned how blown away they were by my performance, because they were not expecting it at all. One friend even mentioned he wanted to stand up and applaud me because I did so well.
I hope this isn't coming off as cocky, I was just so excited when I was told that. I seriously worry so much about what other people think about me, especially when it comes to acting because I want to do my very best. I really don't think (without more experience) I could do better than what I did at that call back. I gave it everything, and to hear that was the greatest feeling in the world. I do still have so much to learn and can't wait to improve and progress.
After the audition came the waiting game for the list to be posted. That's always the hardest part. It's so nerve racking, and I refreshed the computer screen 100 times. I even had nightmares about the list being posted and all the things that could go wrong.
When it finally was posted, and I saw my name, it was seriously the best feeling! I was so happy and excited, especially because I get to play one of the bad guys. (I secretly always have wanted to play a bad guy, I think it would be sooo fun).
My husband is also going to be in the play as one of his dream roles, little john. It's going to be a fun experience to be in yet another show with him. Not to mention he just got a role in the show No Time For Sergeants at Hale! Big deal guys! Watch out! (Just had to throw that in there because I'm so excited for him.)
I cannot wait for this show and to start rehearsing! I can't wait to progress as an actress and to do even more shows. 
Well, that's all for now folks!

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