Christmas Christmas time....

Christmas this year was crazy. I had so much I planned on doing but didn't get done due to the play, and whole lot of people wanting Christmas card photos. BUT that's ok! I enjoyed every second of it all.
I broke a lot of traditions but I'm going to pretend I didn't. Realistically we would've gone ice skating in Salt Lake and gone to temple square but.... all of our friends and us were so busy. Growing up is stupid.
I also would've seen the thanksgiving lights with my hubs like we've done every year, but also once again too busy.
Not to mention my Christmas decor would've been much MUCH better. I decided that if I end up doing the play again next year, I'm going to cave and decorate for Christmas early.
Anyway, I must say that the play was so awesome and fun and great. I loved being able to finally act. It was such a blessing to be in the play, and meet some great people and just have tons of fun. It didn't matter that we had 3 shows in one day and 7 in the span of three days, we just had a complete blast. I'll probably make a post specifically about the play because I would like to remember it, but not yet.
However, with there being a cast of 40 in our play we all at one point or another caught some sort of virus. I had a nasty sore throat (so much fun to sing with by the way). Luckily I got rid of my sickness a day or two before Christmas Eve. Oran was not as lucky and got a really bad cough/sickness on Christmas Eve. He was sick through Christmas... I felt so bad.
Because of the weather, and Orans ailment we ended up staying at home Christmas Eve. We got in our Jammie's ( a tradition I did actually keep woop woop!), Oran went to bed, and I finished wrapping presents while watching A Christmas Story over and over and over again. ( I never get sick of that show, not even in the slightest. ohhh fuuuddddgggeee!)

Christmas morning we got up around 8, opened our presents, and played some battleship. Guess who won??? If you didn't guess me then you'd be mistaken.

This was one of my favorite things that I got. I used this book in my play, so it is fun to have, but Oran actually went around and had everyone in the cast sign it. Such a thoughtful gift.

 We then headed over to Orans grandmas and opened some presents. My big present from Oran was there too, and I was excited to see what it was.
At first I thought maybe it was a giant TV, which would've been kinda weird, but I figured it out when I held it up and realized it was a lot lighter than that. I had to have a lot of help opening it.

 It was once again another very thoughtful gift. I took that photo while we were on our anniversary trip in Manti. I only edited just recently. Oran took it and had it made into a huge canvas to hang on our wall. I love it.

Another gift I loved was what my mother in law gave to me. 

I had been talking about how much I wanted an electric sander for a while now. Well... ever since I decided to refinish things. Doing it all by hand became so tedious. I'm so excited to have this now so I can get back to work on my projects I started forever ago. 

These two cousins (Betsey and Prada) were one of my favorite parts of the day. Look at their Christmas dresses. (I know I'm so weird but it's fine.) They were rough housing in those and it cracked me up.  

After that we then headed to Utah County to visit with my fam for the rest of the day. Oran was so sick by that time he just slept on my parents couch. I felt so bad. 
(My bro and I)

My parents really out did themselves with my Christmas this year. 
I have an obsession with old cameras. I love love love love love them. Was that too many loves? Don't care. I have a few but am always looking to add to my collection. 
My mom found this one at one of my favorite antique shops and I can't stop staring at it honestly. 
I found out my great grandpa used to use one just like it when my grammy was a little girl. 
That made it all the more special. 
(Yes I look hideous, but I was still getting over being sick too... so don't judge.) 

I also got a super cute camera strap to go on my camera that I love. 

And finally a new straightener which I had really been needing. 

Yeah I was pretty spoiled on Christmas,

and although the day was pretty unconventional, it was still an all around good Christmas. Here's to hoping for a healthy Christmas next year. 

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