Our Christmas Cards

I decided to design my own Christmas cards this year rather than going through a company. I was feeling pretty ambitious. I'm happy with how they turned out, however my husband doesn't like the photo I picked. So I made a few samples:
This is the one I originally made. He hates this photo for whatever reason... I don't. 
This is the second photo. Pretty much the same but he likes this one better. 

And this is his photo of choice that he wants to use. Rather than having us hold the sing I had to just make one in photo shop for it to make sense. 

I prefer the sign holding ones, but I also love that family photo of us, so I don't know. 
Some input would be nice? :) 

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Rachey Elder said...

Cute card Ash! You're so talented. The first photo looks fun and Christmas-ey, but I actually like the last one...you guys look totally hot!