October and Halloween Recap

I thought I should post about the goings on of October, my absolute favorite month of all the year.

Earlier in October, Oran and I saw a Groupon we thought would be perfect to surprise each other with.  It was pretty funny when we found out that we had planned the same date to surprise each other with. We decided to invite Orange's best friend Anthony and his date, and double. We went to Dracula, a dinner theater show. We ate at Madeline's steak house, which is really good, and watched a funny show as we ate dinner. We got to interact with the actors and everything. After we went to this place called Leatherby's. It's like an ice cream restaurant. Soooo good. I loved it.

 Last week we went to Nightmare on 13th with my uncle Jon and his girlfriend. We had such a good time. My husband is hilarious at haunted houses. He screams like a girl, says profanities, and hides behind me the entire time. You would think someone as big as him wouldn't be such a scaredy cat, but he is.

Orange's dad got us tickets to Of Mice and Men at Pioneer Theater Company. Have you guys ever seen the play, read the book, or watched the movie? So sad. I wasn't expecting that at all. I had been crying before this photo was taken. The acting was absolutely fabulous in this play though. I really enjoyed it.

On Sunday my mom had a fun Halloween party. Complete with spooky food. I made the mummy cupcakes below. 

And here is some of my Halloween decor.

 Last night, I had a few friends over for some food and party time. I invited a bunch of people but you know, when you get married, people think you're kinda lame. Oh well we had fun. 
I made the most delicious pumpkin bread, dip, and apple cider. It was great.
 Our neighbors two doors down had a haunted house in their backyard, and it was actually really fun, and I did get scared! Oh, and it was free, even better! It was a nice touch to our night. We then watched Killer Clowns From Outer Space. Freakin' hilarious movie, we died of laughter.
My two good friends that came over. Diana and Aaron. 

Here we are as Kissin' Kate Barlow, her victim, and a yellow spotted lizard from Holes. (I've always wanted to be Kissin' Kate Barlow. I think she is so cool.)
Oran is a horrible person and hate Halloween. I don't understand that. It is my favorite Holiday. I love dressing up, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, scary movies. All of it. Anyway, this is as dressed up as he would get, but I'm glad he did. 

I could not get over our little Yellow Spotted Lizard. We got her costume last minute at petsmart, but I'm glad we did. The costume was normally $20, and ended up only being $5. Cah-Ching! 
I brought it home and glued on the yellow spots. I think she is so adorable. 

That's all for now folks! I Hope you had a very Happy and spooky Halloween!

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