The Wedding Ring Misshap

The most unfortunate thing happened to me recently.
If any of you have ever seen my wedding ring you know that I have the actual ring, and then a wedding band. Were very traditional that way. Any who, we've always planned on getting the ring and wedding band sautered together, as some form of symbolism, and also so one wasn't going one way, and the other going a different way.
You also may know that we've  been married for a year and a half, so it took a long time to finally get it sautered, but one day my mother in law and I finally took it to get it done.
I had to wait a full weekend without my ring (which was weird since I never ever took it off... ever). That coming Tuesday I went to get my ring, and it was so pretty all put together. I shoved it on my finger, and once I hit the knuckle, it was stuck. Painfully stuck.
I smiled at the lady who handed me my ring, pretended my ring wasn't stuck, and that it wasn't sucking the life out of me, and quickly walked out of the store.
This store was in the mall, so immediately I went in search of some kind of lotion store. I ran into what I swear is the smallest Macey's ever, and could find no lotion. After trying my hand at some perfume, and realizing that wasn't going to work, I moved on.
Understand, I've never been in this mall aside from the two times I was in the jewlery store, so I was lost as to where to find a Bath and Body works.
Finally, I found a lotion store (the name escapes me) and started lathering my finger in lotion.
I realize now I should have tried to be getting it off of my finger, instead my solution was to push it further on to my finger. Once it was there it did indeed feel better, although it was a bit snug.
A lot bit snug actually, but it wasn't cutting off my circulation or anything.
I went home, and Oran asked if he could see the ring. I told him it would probably take me a while to get off but I would try.
Try I did, but that ring was not going anywhere.
It soon became my mission to get my ring off. For three days I tried every trick I had ever heard of to get a ring off a finger. All it did was make my finger swell even worse, and it was excruciatingly painful.
Finally I looked online and found the dental floss trick.
It is basically the last resort, before you chop the ring off.
I did NOT want to chop my wedding ring off.
The first time I tried the trick, I got really close to getting it off, but the floss snapped when I was really close, and so I quit.
Second time, I ran out of string.
I guess third time is the charm though. While watching conference Saturday morning session, I attempted the trick once again. I was pulling so hard it felt like my skin was being torn to pieces. I kinda started screaming/whimpering/crying. Oran called out from the other room if I was okay. I told him what was going on, and he yelled you can do it! Then it turned into a practice, I guess, for what me having a baby will be like someday. Oran telling me I was almost there, me screaming in pain, and then the pure relief when that ring was pulled off of my finger... finally.
Swollen painful finger

(yes that's a ben and jerry's tub behind my head... don't judge.)

So now I have been without a wedding ring on my finger for a little while. 
It is kind of interesting. I'm tired of creeps hitting on me, I really miss my ring, and now I have to pay a bunch of money to get it re-sized because the dumb people somehow made my ring smaller. 

This is my long way of saying, don't judge me if you see me without a wedding ring. 

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