Poor Poor Betsey Boo

Lots to blog about, and I still haven't even finished the posts from summer that I refuse to not post about. So how about we get the recent things out of the way realllly quick? Okay go.

Last week was the scariest week of my life. I had gone to callbacks for the play that I auditioned for (didn't make it) and then did car stuff all day long. I was exhausted. I came home with a throbbing headache and went straight to bed at 6 o clock.
I woke up an hour later, and went to watch Disney shows on TV. I noticed that my dog was acting really weird. Normally, she loves to sit by me and watch TV. Instead she was outside running around like crazy, and would not stay inside. Normally that shouldn't be weird, but trust me, my dog doesn't like doing that and it is not normal for her to do.
I wasn't sure what was up, but I assumed it couldn't be that big of a deal. When Oran got home and asked where the dog was I explained how she had been acting weird. He went in to the bedroom, and shouted "I think I know why she is acting weird."
I ran into the bedroom and all over the floor was Oran's medications he has to take everyday. My heart stopped. I was crossing my fingers that she hadn't got any of them, but they had noticeably been chewed.
Oran's medication is aderole for adhd, it's a pretty hefty drug.
We started counting the pills and putting them back into their little containers (luckily enough, I had made Oran start putting his pills into a day of the week container.) We noticed that a whole day of pills was missing. We definitely started freaking out then. If Betsey had really swallowed the pill she could be seriously in trouble. We started calling vets, crying, yelling profanity, and freaking out really bad.
You all have to understand, our dog is our child right now, and we really love her as one. It was the worst feeling in the world that she could be dying.
After lots of prayers, episodes of hyperventilating, and $60 to poison control, we were on our way to the animal hospital.
Suddenly Oran pulled off to the side of the road and thought about something for a minute. Confused and frustrated I asked why he had stopped. He said is today Saturday? I said yes, and he went on to tell me that the reason the pills were missing was because he had taken them that morning.
So our dog got a little high, from chewing on some pills, but did not swallow them, and was perfectly fine. Needless to say it has kept us on our guard, and we are doing our best to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Neither of us really know how it happened in the first place, but it was so awful.
I'm very blessed and glad to know that she is alive and well.
Love my Betsey Boo.

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Rachey Elder said...

That is seriously sooooo scary! I'm glad she's okay, because she's pretty adorable:)