Maxi maxi MAXI!!!!!

Okay, in the fashion world, many  a times I have said I would never wear certain things. One of those things is maxis, and ponchos.... I never will EVER wear those disgusting things. Anyway, the reason for me not wearing a maxi skirt was just because I thought since I am ridiculously short that I would look terrible in a maxi skirt.
Then my mother bought one and it was so cute I had to steal it from her.
Guess what?
I love maxis.
That's it; a simple straight up answer. They made my fashion life complete. They are extremely comfortable, pretty, and I think I could wear one every single day and be oh so happy.

Did I feel like a freak while twirling around waiting for the camera to catch me? Yes. Was it fun? You betcha. I giggled like a little girl.

Plus... they make my butt look awesome.

 So I caved. I went and bought my own maxi. Not a skirt but a dress. I have yet to find a decently priced Maxi skirt, and I'm thinking I should probably just make one myself.
Boob shot... I know... Sorry, but I really wanted to show off me necklace.

So there you have it... I love Maxi's. Go and get yourself one right now!


The Hater named Socrates said...


Rachey Elder said...

Cute dress! I love the stripes:)

Team Armstrong said...

I'm also obsessed... It's kinda sad

steph said...

very pretty. you know who you look like? meryl streep.

-E said...

Looked great on you! :)