One year, so happy together

On May 6th Orange, and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Go us, we made it longer than the Kardashians. It's still hard for me to believe that it's been a whole year. It's definitely been a year of struggles, and hardships, but that hasn't ruined our love for each other. In fact, it's only made us stronger. Our anniversary this year, if you have been reading my blog, even came at a very hard time. It's obvious this miscarriage didn't have the best timing, but then again... I don't think it is ever good timing to lose your child. Orange asked if I just wanted to stay home and not do what he had planned, but I was adamant that we did something. I could no longer sulk in the house, it was so unhealthy. Oran sure did a great job of making the best out of our situation. He had planned such a beautiful anniversary for us, and I had no idea about it. We woke up Sunday morning, and I made us some breakfast. Then he told me to get ready, and get packed. I was so excited for what was coming up. I am someone who loves surprises, and my husband does surprises best. He even surprised me by trimming the beast of a beard for me. Once we were ready to go, Orange grabbed our picnic basket that we got for our wedding,(I've been wanting to use it forever, but we've never got around to it), and told me that we were going on a picnic. Little did I know where exactly we were picnicking at.
We went on a little road trip, playing games as we drove. We ended up in Manti, and picnicked outside of the Manti temple, which is where we were married. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the picnic was perfect. I wouldn't have rather had a nice fancy expensive dinner over our sandwich and chips dinner. 

After we ate we ended up spending a lot of time photographing the temple and taking some shots of ourselves. I've been wanting to photograph the temple for a long time so I was really excited to be able to do that.
Once we were finished we went across the street to a place called The Manti House Inn, which is an adorable bed and breakfast. Oran had originally got us a hideaway suite, but the owner told us that somebody had been in there before us, and that he was going to "upgrade" us to a different room, because he didn't want to clean. We found that a little bit odd, but since it was an upgrade we were excited. When we got to our room we found that the bed hadn't been made, sheets, pillows, and towels were all over the floor. It seemed that they had forgotten to clean that room too. They had a small journal where people wrote about their time spent in that room, and we saw that a couple from Provo, had spent the night there before us... yikes. Feeling a little yucky, and not wanting to make the owner feel bad, we went on a hunt for new sheets, and towels. Since this was like an old house, and not the traditional hotel, we easily found the laundry room where freshly cleaned sheets and towels were. I changed out the sheets on our bed, and put on the new ones, then threw the yucky ones in a basket in their laundry room. Although normally that kind of thing would really bother us, we found it hysterical, and it wasn't like the room was gross. It was actually very pretty, cozy, and we did enjoy every minute of it.
(lovely picture after just waking up getting ready to eat the breakfast that was brought to our room.)

(Best bubble bath that I have ever encountered. Don't be fooled though, those bubbles grew to massive proportions.)

 (Cozy fire place)
(The bed I went to so much work for. It is a pretty room though.)

(See ya!)

The night we got home we watched our whole wedding video, had some martinellis, and ate our cake topper from our wedding. Don't worry it still happened to taste great! I think it had something to do with the fact that gluten free is always better.

It was a nice vacation from the troubles that had been surrounding me that week, and I'm so thankful to my husband for treating me to such a great weekend. We really did have so much fun, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. My love grows for Orange every day, and I wouldn't choose any one else for me. He is my everything, and I'm so glad that we found each other to help one another through this thing called life. Love you Bade!


Mel said...

Sooo cute! You guys are adorable!

kristen said...

I think that's the little inn my parents suggested me and Michael go to for the first part of our honeymoon. Instead we went to a hotel in Ephraim and this sweet lady I had talked to in the temple actually worked at the hotel! haha
Anyway, excuse my random comment. That was a cute surprise!

Rachey Elder said...

That sounds so fun! I want to go down there. I love the Manti temple. You guys are such a cute couple!

His Little Lady said...

oh my gosh, this sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your one year anniversary! i've never been to the mani temple, but before the mister and i move out of utah we plan to visit! it is definitely just so beautiful! and i love this little picnic idea!
and that little bed and breakfast looks absolutely adorable!!!
and congrats on beating the kardashians ;)
xo TJ

steph said...

love this. love love love it. this is the most perfect anniversary ever. i wish we still had our cake-topper.. we ate it right after our honeymoon because there was no food in the house. ha!