Dear Baby Post 1

(obviously this is a post I wrote a while ago, there will be a few more of these popping up here and there. I wanted to write letters to my baby every week of my pregnancy and make it into a scrap book of sorts.)
Dear baby,
It's now been a week since I found out we're going to be expecting you. It's been an emotional roller coaster, but I'm so excited. I definitely feel a bit unprepared to be your mom. I had been dreaming, and praying for you for so long, and now that the time is here, I'm just hoping I can be the best mom I can to you.
 I'm going to be a mother! How did I get so old?
I can't wait to find out what you are. I think I'm only about 6 or 7 (5) weeks a long. I've been reading week by week calendars so I know how you are growing and developing. Also so I know what to expect.
We haven't been to the doctor yet. We can't go until May 23, which is a month from today. That seems so far away. Do I really have to wait that long to see you? To know if you are doing okay? Oh well until then I will just do my best to keep you safe and healthy.
I've been eating the best I can, doing my best not to overdo it. Surprisingly enough, I'm not super hungry, and have been getting full faster than usual. That seems odd to me but then again all of this is so new!
I've definitely been nausea's. Not to the point of throwing up yet, but it hasn't been too kind. It was the worst it's ever been yesterday, and I'm sure this week it will only continue to get worse, but I can handle this. This is what I wanted; to have you! Everything that happens from here on out will be worth it.
I've also been cramping a lot. That's my uterus making room for you as you grow! It's so very exciting.
I'm not showing yet, just bloated. I'm actually excited to start getting a belly, and to be able to feel you move inside me.
I'm extremely tempted to start buying some baby clothes, but it would be so much easier if I knew what you were. I don't care what you are, girl or boy, I'm just happy to have you, and I already love you and am so protective of you.
Your  daddy and I are anxiously waiting for your arrival, and we're going to do our best to work on what we need to, so that when you come into this world we will be ready.
Even though, I'm sure no one can ever be fully ready. I guess I should say prepared as possible.
I love you little munchkin. I can't wait for all that is in store for us!
your mommy 

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Jake & Jenessa said...

love it ash! but its cute that you did it!