Sunday Snippets

Today was a feel good kind of day.
We went to church, and I got just the spiritual nourishment I needed to sustain me throughout the rest of the week.
As much as I love my primary kids, I enjoyed it being the 5th Sunday and being with adults, including my husband, instead of singing songs in primary.
My husband got me addicted to the game hearts, and I played quite a few rounds before going visiting teaching.
My visiting teaching partner gave me a whole tin of rice flour, it quite possibly made my whole day.
I did some dishes. They were starting to take over.
We got invited to have dinner at my grandmas. We had incredibly tasty soups, and cured my longing for Kneeders, which I can never give in to.
After that we went on a calming walk around my grandma's neighborhood. It really was a breath of fresh air.
My mom and grandma made jokes the someday my future children will be feisty like me. I hope for my sake that they are not. I don't even know how my parents handled my crazy self.
We ate a southern dish including banana pudding, and cookies. It's one of my favorites.
& we came home to relax for the rest of the night. You know, after the fact a spider ran past where my head was lying. I'm glad I have my man to save me when I cry out for help.
You hear that Monday? I'm ready for you, and your conniving ways.

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