Newly Wed Rule of Thumb 5 Love Journal

Orange and I have something we started about a month ago, and it is one of the most glorious things you could ever imagine. We have a love journal. I read about this idea online and it is really such a great thing. You know how back in Jr. High and Elementary school writing notes was one of the funnest things you could do? Well that's how this is, but one million times better.
We write to each other back and forth, about things that happened that day that we loved, or if we just want to express how much we love each other, really anything could be written in there. Every time I see that Orange has written in the journal my heart skips a beat and I snatch it as fast as I can and cherish every word written. It makes me feel special and like a little kid again. Not only that but it helps, the two of us, look for the good in everything the other does. Nothing goes unnoticed, and I think in marriage that's a very big deal.
You can place the journal in different places to spice things up. I always leave mine open to the page I've written on so that he knows I did.
At first I wasn't sure if Orange would do it with me. It just doesn't seem like his type of thing to do, but I think he has enjoyed it as much as I have.
I highly recommend every married person have a love journal. It is such a wonderful thing, and definitely spices up the marriage a bit.

(I'm aware my hair is sticking up obnoxiously but just ignore it. I'm also aware that my hair looks super duper light. I haven't dyed it, red just fades quickly.)

(The glorious love journal)


Mel said...

this is such a cute idea!

Jake & Jenessa said...

Me and Jake do something similar to this! I don't think Jake cares for it much, but I LOVE IT!