Once upon a time, Orange and I finished a season (on dvd) of one of our favorite shows. The fourth season for this show isn't currently available to purchase except for on Itunes. The shows ending was so intense that I was going crazy not knowing what had happened. I begged Orange to let me buy it on Itunes, but he talked me out of it, because it simply was a spontaneous and illogical decision.
The next day what does he do? He goes to Walmart and buys a blu-ray player for the sole purpose of watching Netflix on our TV instead of our computer.Spontaneous and illogical decision? Maybe.
Can't say I've ever wanted a blu-ray player. I'm one of those people who hangs on to the past, which is why I still have a VCR and some videos on tape, but I'm not minding having a blu-ray player, because it is much more convenient watching Netflix on TV than a computer.
Still we probably could've used the money on something more productive. Oh well.
My weekend will consist of watching Netflix and editing.

Have you ever made a spontaneous purchase before?

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steph said...

we bought a puppy without thinking about it. and then that same day went and bought a wii. haha! and i love netflix.... every day.