Weekend happenings

I had quite a great weekend I should say. It's been a while since I've done anything all that exciting and got out of the house. I had a little break down Thursday night from slicing my finger -again- on the cheese grater. Saddest part about that was I sliced a finger that was already sliced so it was that much worse. (Sad face) Anyway, for some reason I couldn't stop myself from sobbing. This wasn't just baby tears, this was full on sobs, and my hubs was real confused as to why I was reacting in such a way. He had me come and sit down next to him, and talk to him. I didn't realize how much really was on my mind, but everything I had been holding in for a while exploded out of me. It was strangely comforting though, being able to talk, and get my tears out. I needed to put my big girl pants on, and I needed to get through it. Oran definitely helped me with that, talking to me and calming me down. I love that man. Anyway, the next day I had to go into work for a few hours. I don't usually work on Fridays so it put me in a bit of a bad mood. Not to mention after work I  had to go to physical therapy, and I wasn't all that excited for that either. I actually really like physical therapy, but since it is a new year we have to meet a new deductible, and I wasn't looking forward to having to pay so much money. I got home after the long morning, and was melancholy. I tried thinking of something to do to brighten my spirits but every time I thought of something, that would mean I would have to drive somewhere to do it.
If you don't know this  about me, I absolutely hate driving. I don't exactly have the best luck while driving. Since August I've been in 4 minor accidents, had the same tire blow up twice, and also got a rock flung at my windshield. You see my hesitation to drive. It gives me horrible anxiety, and I probably should go get myself checked out with this one, because it literally debilitates me from wanting to travel anywhere; even short distances. I talked to my husband about it on the phone while he was on my way home from work. He told me he would call me right back, and he proceeded to call one of my best friends. He told her I really needed to go out and do something, so she called me and we went to dinner. I had such a good time and it was extremely relieving because the anxiety was really weighing me down. We walked around the mall, made great purchases of inexpensive jewelry at Forever 21, and watched bride shows on TLC until 1 in the morning. Although I really missed my husband, it was so nice to see my friend. I had really been hiding from social situations because of the anxiety I get from having to go anywhere if that meant I had to drive.
I know that my husband really wanted to see me that day, but he was sweet enough to put my needs before his own, and he new exactly what I needed.
The next day I was giddy with excitement all day, because my husband and I were going to Brian Regan. He is one of my favorite comedians and can make me laugh with just about every joke he has. We got the tickets clear back in October, and it felt like I had to wait forever to finally see him. Oran and I had such a good time and laughed to tears the whole night, and if you don't know my husband his laugh is infectious. It's hilarious. People kept looking back at him every time he laughed and they'd start laughing too. My husband's laugh plus Brian Regan leads to a very funny night. After the show we went to Red Robin, which happens to be one of my favorite places to eat. They are really accommodating to those of us with gluten intolerance. In fact they even have gluten free buns for the burgers. I love them so much. 
Anyway, I find it amazing that in a weekend you can learn so much, and feel so much love, from so many people. It's proof that your life can change with every breath you take.


steph said...

double date! double date! we LOVE red robin. love it.

Batash said...

I agree a double date there would be fantastic!