Sexy And I Know It Challenge

It's still January, which means it's still new years resolution time. Since a lot of people like to have "get into shape" on their new years resolution list, I decided I would join the crowd. Yet, I don't want it to be something that I only do for a month, and stop. I want this to be a long term commitment to myself. & I want those of you who have that as your goal to feel the same way. We all need motivation to continue doing that stuff we don't find so fun. So I have devised a plan, that might be able to help motivate those of us doing this. I encourage everyone to do this, though, because it could be a lot of fun.
My theme for this year is "I'm sexy & I know it". I think we all should be able to feel beautiful, or sexy, and know that we are! So, my challenge to you is take a photo of yourself in your before stage. You know before you start this lovely challenge. You can either post it to your blog, or facebook, or just keep it to yourself. Then every month take a photo of yourself, showing the progress you've made, and continue posting them, until you reach your goal. I want everyone to feel beautiful, and or sexy, and confident in themselves. I think taking the photo and actually putting it out there to the world will make me want to keep working toward my goal so I don't feel stupid when it's been a month and I've either gotten worse or stayed the same. I encourage you to post the photos, but you don't have to. We can all help support, and encourage each other through this little challenge, and post helpful things that will keep us moving a long.
So today's post to help you get moving is non other than the theme:

If that video doesn't make you want to get up and move I don't know what will. Try doing the moves with them, it's a great workout.
I'm Ashlee de Baritault, I'm sexy & I KNOW it! Here's to a new year, and a new you!

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