Newly Wed Rule of Thumb 3 (The birth control scare)

I'm fairly sure that every newly married woman has gone through this at one point in there life. Usually this happens right after or during the honeymoon. That's when I had this very real fear.
It's pretty hilarious to think about now... but hey back then I was peeing my pants. (Not literally... calm down)
It's called the birth control scare. Well, more or less. You don't necessarily have to be on birth control to have this scare, but I assume most are on birth control when they are first wed. If you're not, I highly suggest getting on that immediately. Unless, of course, you are planning on getting prego immediately after you are wed.
I was not, and that is why this scare really had me freaked out. I was already "one of those girls." You know, the ones who are wed not too long after high school has ended. Okay okay, sorry you hypocritical people. Anyway, I didn't want to be yet another stereotype. The one who has a honeymoon babe. No way, no how.

While we were on our honeymoon, as I was taking my daily dose of birth control, my hand fumbled the small little pill right into the sink, and down into the drain.
I screamed, and tried to force my much too large fingers into the drain to retrieve the little pill, to no avail.
I pouted about it for a while, and almost wouldn't let my husband touch me... almost. Anyway, after the honeymoon I thought for sure that I was going to be pregnant. I told my Oran every day that I knew I was pregnant (Oh the humanity!) & that I needed a pregnancy test immediately.
He was pretty positive I wasn't (although he was definitely hoping I was... Sigh... the hunger), and told me to wait until aunt flow was in town. I agreed, but I was seriously freaking out up until that day that aunt flow did show up.
For a few months after we were wed, I still freaked out every month assuming that something wouldn't work and that I would be pregnant.
Ladies, I am here to tell you that if you faithfully take your birth control every single day, odds are you are not going to be pregnant. Ok? Keep that in your mind when you venture into the bonds of marriage.

I am not in any way saying that it is bad to get pregnant on your honeymoon. I just didn't want to be. Also, don't let this post influence you on when to have children. I think that a lot of how other newly weds think, influences those that are about to be wed. Keep in mind that the decision on when to have kids is between you, your husband, and God. Everyone else can be quiet.


steph said...

it's SO TRUE. i got off birth control because it made me sick, and every month i was 3-5 days late for my period. even when i added days, it was always late. freaking out every month was not okay. but GEEZ it SUCKS huh. yay for not having babies!

Beka said...

I liked the post Ash! Especially thank you for your non-biased approach :) you are great!

Jake & Jenessa said...

Uhm, I still have baby scares monthly. It is so annoying I really think I will be afraid until it is actually true.