Guilty Pleasure Post Two

Don't you love all of my consecutive posts? Well I do. If you can't tell a lot of my posts lack an interesting title. Most of the time the title is the last thing on my mind. I'll get better I promise, but in the meantime I think the easy title should do.

If you are wondering what some of the perks to marriage are here is one that happened recently to me, that I hope happens much, much more.

As we were getting ready for bed two nights ago, my husband started reading aloud to me. At first he was doing it mockingly toward the book, but as he read further his voice softened, and he continued to read, as if he was getting more into the excitement of the story. I listened quietly my head resting on his shoulder, letting his voice take me into a wonderful fantasy world. Then slowly I started to drift to sleep.

I guess I never knew how much I used to love being read to before bed time. The child in me is aching to come out apparently.

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