A not so planned adventure

Yesterday was a good, challenging, adventure filled day. My husband got off work early in order to take me to my doctor appt. (after last week, I swore off going alone). After my doctor gave me some fairly good news (ok not super good news, but it was doable news) I was excited. Why? My doctor had told me the best way to help my back was to exercise. He told my husband and I to take up exercising, going on hikes together, that sort of thing. He told us that's also a great way to become closer together. I wholeheartedly agreed. I get to go to a physical therapist next week, who is going to teach me some very helpful exercise techniques and I'm extremely excited. That's one thing I think is intimidating about exercising; I never know what to do with all the big intimidating machines/weights. Basically, when I go to the gym, I get on a treadmill or a cycle, and after I'm done with that I stare at those weight machines, maybe attempt some. After I've had my fill of embarrassment I leave. Anyway, it was good to get some news reinforcing the idea of exercising into my mind.
After the doctor appointment, Oran had planned a date for the two of us to go on. He started driving us through Provo canyon, and I had a feeling he was taking us to Park City. I was so excited. I had been wanting to go on a date with him to Park City for a long time. Once we hit Heber, Oran was confused on which way was best to go. I seemingly innocent told him to keep continuing straight. I really did believe that was the right way to go. He was a sweetheart and trusted me, which led to our demise...
Once we ended up at Heber Valley camp, I laughed and said that's probably why I chose that direction, having been to Heber Valley camp a million times for girls camp functions.
For some reason I still had it in my head if we kept going straight, or in a direction I thought was straight, we'd make it there.
Suddenly we were far from seeing any cars near us. We were all alone, surrounded by thousands and thousands of trees. We found a road covered in snow, and we sort of started to panic, but we kept going.
We ended up in some National Forest, which it was obvious no one had really been up since the last time it snowed.  We prayed to make it out safely, because our small car is not really enough to survive this kind of snow covered road.

Even though my husband could've been really mad and upset at my terrible sense of direction, he just laughed with me, and we called it an adventure.

After an hour and a half driving through that national forest we finally made it out to a real road. I cannot tell you what a huge sigh of relief that was. When we finally found signal we called our parents asking for the actual way to Park City.
After getting lost a few more times, we finally made it, just as the sun was going down. Oran was a little upset we didn't get to go and do all of the fun things he wanted to do, we still tried to make the most of our time out together. We walked through Park City, visiting the shops, and just enjoying our time together. We ate dinner at an extremely expensive Thai restaurant, which really wasn't anything better than what we've had before at seemingly less expensive Thai restaurants.

Point is we had a really good time, and I am ready and even more excited to get healthy. I think that exercising is the single most important part of not only losing weight, but being healthy. It's not just about eating healthy. You should generally be able to eat what you like, just eat in moderation. No, you don't need two bowls of cereal, no you don't need 5 brownies, and no you don't need 3 slices of pizza. Take it all in moderation, eventually your stomach will get over it's craving for more, and be happy with what you give it.

If you are looking for some weight loss inspiration read this blog my friend Sadie recently posted about on facebook:
She's really awesome, take the time to go to the different sections of her blog.

Thanks to any of you who stayed to read this extremely long post.

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