He's got the hunger

There comes a time in marriage where one person, or maybe both become what we call "Baby Hungry." It's a contagious disease and it's bound to happen to one person, possibly before the other. My husband caught the disease early on in our marriage, or should I say the day we got married. Not a day goes by that he doesn't ask me for a baby, as if I can be like "Oh yes honey, I'll run down to baby mart and pick one up." My husband is an only child, so he never had siblings to baby sit, change diapers, clean up after, that sort of thing. I'm the oldest child in my family, so I've experienced this many many times.
Don't get me wrong, I love babies, I do. But let's be realistic I'm 19 years old. I didn't even plan on getting married so young, the idea of kids, or being pregnant stresses me out.
I don't know, but I don't feel that I am ready to have babies yet. I hope to, one day. Especially for my poor baby sick husband.
He has the hunger so bad that he hides my birth control in places he hopes I won't find. For example in the drawer where our laundry detergent goes. What a silly guy.
I told him I'd think about it once we've been married for a year. Which is six months from now. Holy cow, six months goes by fast, I think I just got sick.
My husband loves kids so much though, I know he'd be a great dad.
I snapped these photos at a wedding I was shooting and brought my husband a long. He quickly made friends with this little cutie, and that kid sure adored him.

I'm in big trouble.


Jake & Jenessa said...

bahaha I love it! He is so cute with that little boy!! Its scary when you get that hunger too! My husband begs every day too! What is with these men?

kristen said...

Nothing's what you expect. Didn't plan on getting married so young, and then he ends up getting the hunger while you've got the fear! I'm right there with ya. :] I just hope Michael doesn't try to get all creative like that! Hahah.

Mel said...

Haha luckily Chris and I both have the fear right now. But I do get a little twinge of the hunger when I see a cute baby at church. :) good luck finding your birth control haha