Catch up (no I'm not talking about the stuff you put on hot dogs)

Recently I've had some really fun weekends, and guess what? I haven't blogged about them at all. I have no idea why, but I feel obligated to now, even though I know you all don't really care. So before I start off with an overload of pictures let me explain.
My husband has won ten different times on the radio since we've been married. It's really ridiculous. I definitely don't mind reaping all the benefits from it though. A lot of our week/weekends have revolved around those winnings. Anyway let's begin...
A while back we went to Comedy Sportz with Diana, and Aaron. It's one of my favorite date night places. If you haven't been there yet, shame on you, go today. It's hilarious and so much fun. Oran really wants to do it someday. I don't blame him, it's just so him. I mean check out his face in this photo:
 He is such a goof ball.

Speaking of Diana and Aaron aren't they the cutest? They're only Oran and I's favorite people. On conference weekend, once the guys got home from priesthood we carved pumpkins. It happened to be the first day of October. Did we mind? No we did not.

 They turned out pretty cute huh?

One Sunday I was making cookies for my Sunday school class, and well... they merged together in the oven, creating a giant, yet delicious cookie.  We thought it was pretty funny.

My brother Andrew got a new dog named Fiona. We call her Fi. She is so cute, and such a good dog. 

 Oran refuses to like her though, he thinks she is taking Rocko's place. It's pretty hilarious watching him with Rocko. 
 So back to concert winnings... Oran won tickets to the Big A$$ Show (Such a crappy name) from X96. He really wanted to win only because he got a giant mug out of it. He ended up calling in to win the tickets twice, so we had four sets of tickets and two giant mugs. We were going to see Panic! at the disco, Switchfoot, and Anberlin (well those were the bands that we liked anyway.) Ask me if we even saw them? No we didn't. We watched a ton of local bands at the beginning of the day, and started getting really bored, and hungry. We couldn't leave unless we didn't want to get back in. Ask me if they had anything a girl with Celiac disease could eat? No they did not. It was so dumb. Once we found out that Panics lead singer wasn't even going to be there and that they were having a fan sing for them, our mood was killed. Not to mention we couldn't get anyone to take our spare tickets, so we gave up and left. In the meanwhile we went to the Gateway to do a little shopping while we waited to go to a BYU football game that night.
 (At the concert)
We got to the game and our seats were clear up in the nose bleeds. We tried stealing other seats for a while, and had to keep moving around. It was pretty funny. We finally toward the end of the game found semi decent seats that we could actually keep. 
We also got some nice BYU gear. I'm in love with that sparkly hat I'm wearing. Am I a BYU fan? Not necessarily. I cheer for anyone who is in Utah. Cause I'm that cool...

Another of my husbands winnings was tickets to Foo Fighters. I love Foo Fighters, and I was so stinkin excited to go. My husband though, was not. For some reason he doesn't like them, for reasons unknown to me. My mom loves Foo Fighters too so he gave her his ticket. We had a blast rockin' out at the Maverik Center, and honestly it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Dave Grohl is amazing. Nuff said. 

Since it's October we've also hit up a bunch of Haunted places, like Haunted Forest for example. It was quite fun, and lemme tell ya, my husband is the funniest person in the world to go through Haunted houses with. We were all dying of laughter.

 We also went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. I have yet to recieve the pictures from that night but once I have them I will share them with you. 
We also won tickets to 3 Doors Down, Oran's favorite band. The only thing is we already had bought tickets, so we gave the tickets he won to my parent's. We were in GA and got beat up just to be in the center next to the stage. It was a pretty good concert. I also don't have pics for this yet either, so bare with me. 

Feel caught up now? Good I'm so glad.

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