A very belated birthday post

I'm deeply sorry that I have been a terrible blogger, and post about things way after they happen, but I'm working on it.
My birthday this year was finally a good one. Probably because I didn't rely on people other than my family to make me have a good day. That's when I usually get let down, because no one is there. I spent the entire day with my family, and it was a fabulous day.
The day before my birthday my mom and I went shopping and to dinner. I enjoyed being able to shop with my mom again. It had been a while, and when we shop we literally shop till we drop. That night at midnight Oran surprised me with all my presents. He got me three 12 packs of Diet Coke, my favorite chocolate, and adobe photoshop. I was so happy.
Then my birthday morning my Oran woke up early to bake me breakfast. It didn't go too well for him because he was trying so hard to do everything at once, so, he ended up burning it. It was so sweet how hard he tried though, and he even had a back up plan and made me a parfait.
After breakfast we went to music and the spoken word in SLC. They did a pioneer tribute and it was beautiful. I feel so lucky to share a birthday with those pioneers. What a great example they were.
 Then a bunch of my family got together for brunch. It was pretty decent. I enjoyed being with so many people.
I knew my day wouldn't be complete if I didn't go visit my grandfather for our birthday. This would be the first one we didn't share together and I wasn't about to let that happen. My best friend Kyleigh the night before had brought me some sweet gifts including flowers to put on my grandpas grave. I was so thankful for the sweet gesture especially because I hadn't had time to grab some for myself. I'm so thankful for her and Tedi being the only friends who seemed to remember my birthday other than a facebook/text message.

It took forever to find my grandpas grave. Grave yards always seem so different when they have that big tent up and all the chairs. We weren't aware, also, that my grandfathers head stone wasn't finished yet. So he only had a tiny little marker which indicated where he was.

I was so happy when we finally found it. I sat on the grass and immediately wished my grandpa happy birthday. My flower kind of fell apart, so I spread it around the grave to give it character. 
We always have a birthday picture together so I thought whats the difference with today? I could feel my grandfathers spirit so strong around me, and although I miss him a lot, I know he is happy where he is. He was definitely celebrating in heaven. Probably with all those amazing pioneers.

That night we went over to my grammy's for some GF cake/cupcakes she made just for me. 
Then it was time to open presents. My grammy gave me the cute jacket and purse in the bottom two photos which I love. 

Since my mom had taken me shopping the day before and bought me tons of clothes I didn't think she was going to give me anything else, but she whipped out another present. It was a cooking stone from pampered chef. Now you know when you're getting old when you get excited about getting a cooking stone for your birthday....

All in all I had a wonderful birthday spent with my wonderful family and I was so happy that they could all be apart of it. Maybe I'll be excited, for once, on my birthday next year.

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