Arizona Trippin.

It's about time I posted about my Arizona trip with the hubby.
It was our first road trip together, and we we're both extremely excited. We were headed down to Mesa Arizona for my husbands mission president's homecoming. He was pretty stoked. His president's homecoming even fell on his birthday, and he didn't care. It's obvious his mission meant more to him than anything else.
I wasn't fully aware of how long Arizona really took to drive there. Ten hours of driving... But we made the most of it. I read Oran stories from his favorite author Orson Scott Card. We listened to good southern music, which fit perfectly with the road we were traveling on. There was practically nothing there.
 Speaking of driving through nothing...

We had a lot of interesting stops on the way. My husband is the sweetest guy in the whole world and is always looking for ways to help those around him. He saw a girl stranded on the side of the road and her only help was a strange trucker. Her car had over heated so my hubby brought over water bottles to help. He's so cute. (Yes I did take stalker pics of this whole thing.)
We also got caught in a lovely amount of stopped traffic. We sat in this exact spot for a half an hour. 

After a lot of gas we finally made it to the Arizona/Utah state line. Yet, we still had a long way to go before we would get to Mesa.
 The church of latter day saints is at the very bottom in that tiny script. It took me forever to find it.

As we were driving the sun started to go down, and believe me when you are in the middle of the desert sunsets are spectacular. I decided we should pull over, and share that magnificent sunset together. 

 At around nine thirty we ended up in Flagstaff and didn't want to drive any longer. Little did we know Flagstaff is a place for all the people living in Mesa or Phoenix area to come and visit because it's twenty degrees cooler. That meant almost every hotel was booked. We finally found a run down hotel that had one vacancy left.
 At first glance the room seemed decent. Two queen size beds, a TV and a mini fridge. Then I looked in the bathroom... Let's just say there was no way I was going to be taking a shower there, and I won't forget to mention that the sink was completely broken. No water would come out of that thing. I thought it was pretty hilarious. 
 The next day we finished driving (finally) to Mesa. We found a nice hotel and even got a suite. The suite we got happened to be cheaper than the piece of crap hotel we stayed in the night before and it was a million times nicer.
After we got settled in we decided to get ready and go to the Mesa, AZ temple and do a session. 
The temple reminded me of something you would see in Egypt or something. It was really beautiful. 

That night I went to dinner with my cousin Meg while Oran went to visit his mission buds. Meg and I had tons of fun at Red Robin then went to Walmart after to find something to make Oran for his birthday breakfast that morning. I found some microwavable eggs, and bacon, got some fruit and decided that would be good. Hey, we only had a microwave and a fridge, I did my best. The next morning we got up super early, so Oran could be at the church by seven practicing a song all the missionaries were going to sing for their president. I was a tad disapointed it was so early, so he had to rush through his birthday breakfast, but it turned out alright. The homecoming went well. His mission president and his wife were awesome people and I loved hearing their talks. After church we went with everyone to have lunch, and I got to know some of Oran's mission buds who were awesome.

 Missionary love
We decided to stay an extra day in Mesa so we could relax and have fun, and then we drove home Monday morning taking the Vegas route this time around. It was fun to stop in Vegas for a little bit. I love Vegas, which is probably a sin, but oh well. As we got on the free way to leave Vegas we saw this sign, and I just had to take a picture of it. It was wonderful.
All in all it was a great trip and I had a wonderful time with my husband on his birthday. We will definitely be taking more road trips in the not so distant future.

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