To Those Of You In High School

You swear, you'll never get married until you're older. 18, 19, 20? Much too young. You believe you will not be like so many others, and get sweeped off your feet.
I can promise you right now that so many of you will be very wrong. I know I was, but you know what? I'm ok with it. I told everyone I would not get married until after my mission. I was dead set on finishing my education, being very independent, and having plenty of life experience before getting married. I wanted nothing to do with it. When I began dating the fiance I knew we were meant to be together, but in the beginning I thought, regardless of whether or not we're meant to be together I'm not getting married as a teen. No acceptions. Once again, I was wrong. As I relied more on prayer, I realized my father in heaven had different plans for me. He sent me him for a reason, and God had bigger plans for me than I had for myself. I want to remind you all that getting married is not a bad thing. It's apart of our Father In Heaven's plan of salvation. I'm not saying everyone is going to get married right out of high school, and I'm not telling you to go looking for it either. But if you find the right one, the one you're supposed to be with forever, then you shouldn't wait. If you are positive about it.
I realize lots of people have been mentioning this on their blogs lately, because a lot of us who graduated are getting married, and I'm sure it's scary for some of you to think about since you're so close to our age. But getting married is just as an important role for a woman as it is for a man to go on a mission. Don't think less of those of us who are getting married just because we're young.
And if you are waiting so that you can go on a mission yourself. You're awesome.
I'm done with my vent session.


beka said...

Ashlee~ this is a very mature and insightful post. i feel like God has a timing that is specific for each of us. some of us get married while we are young and others of us wait until we are a bit older. but regardless, we can't get to heaven without marriage and it should be esteemed greatly. it does freak me out a little that all these people younger than me are getting hitched, but only because i feel old and lame ha ha. i am excited for you to get married!

meg. said...

i never said it was a bad thing. it's just not for me.

Batash said...

Oh, Megan I was not referring to you. There have been other people who have written not nice things, or said not nice things, which is the only reason I wrote this. Yours was not rude in the slightest.