I wish you a merry christmas

Dear Blog,
I'm sorry I've neglected you. I'm not such a loser anymore so I don't have all that much time to blog.
It's Christmas so I would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and join me in celebrating the birth of our Savior.
I have the most wonderful man in my life whom I can now officially say is mine as of 12 am this morning. 
I also have found a job, at Super Sonic Car Wash in Orem. It's pretty exciting. I also work with one of my favorite people ever my cousin Jessica.
I had a lovely Christmas eve, snuggled up in freshly opened Pjs, surrounded by people I care about.
Life really couldn't be better.
Love you, Hope to write soon in full detail since I'm sure you're all wondering whhhaaaaa???
(No your probably not but it was worth a shot right???)
Merry Christmas, and remember Jesus Christ this day and everything he did for you. We would be in an awful place without Him.

ps. Why won't it snow???

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