Christmas List

Christmas List
Christmas List by Batash featuring pea coats

There are a few things on my list that might take you by surprise. For example lasagne or pie. Reason for those is I haven't had either in such a long time, and I would really enjoy some gluten free lasagne or apple pie. You don't realize how much something means to you until you can't have it any more.
There are also things on the list that are must haves.
And trust me those things... You can't buy.
Serving is the best gift of all though, and I encourage you all to not focus on what worldly things you want this Christmas and take the time to serve others. I promise that is the BEST present you can give or receive.
By receive I mean the spririt and happiness you feel after serving are the best presents you can get. I promise.


Oran Arnaud Marc-Henri said...

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Batash said...

Most definitely! I got the best present ever.... you!