No amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity.

Dating? Yeah, I'ma fan.
This week was an uber stressful and also fun week.
I had to run my dad to emergency at 7 am, because he had kidney stones.
It's super hard to watch the man who is your protector in so much pain. I wanted to cry. Maybe I did.
On the way to the hospital a car almost plowed into us. Obviously God was looking out for us, because I don't know how we managed to stop the car.
I got the worse migraine any one person could deal with.
I went to starbucks for my caramel apple spice with D-Dawg my one true love.
Then we watched one of my favorite movies of all time Ps I love you.
Ps I love you made me want a man real bad.
It's awful.
I dislike couples and their mushiness. Stop being cute, everyone who is not in love hates you.
I went on a date last night, he not only brought me flowers, but my mom as well.
We ate at Carrabbas. That place is amazing. Juss sayin.
We watched unstoppable. It was real good.
We shabooped. I'm not allowed to tell you what that is, but it was quite fun.
We carried on a lovely conversation.
He tried to make me sing. I refused.
(maybe someday)
He reads this blog so I hope it's super awkward.

Pretty huh?
Yeah, The weekend started out bad, but ended pretty great.
The end.


Oran Arnaud Marc-Henri said...

I saw "Unstoppable" over the weekend too! It was really good! I actually went with a date too, and totally got denied, but luckily the movie was good so I didn't feel like a loser the rest of the movie, just enjoyed watching it. Haha, fun fun! I hope your date went well!

P.S. Your date sounds legit. Flowers for both you and your mom, classy! He must really like you!

Batash said...

Haha, you kill me.